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The Home, ghostwritten by Spencer Honniball, with Joni Cameron-Blair

Born into a family beset by violence, Joni’s brutal treatment at the hands of her father result In her being unlawfully detained in Beechwood children’s home. Witnessing and being subjected to abuse, and driven to the brink of suicide, Joni is granted reprieve some months later; though, scarred by her experiences, she pledges to one day integrate the social services in a bid to change its culture of mistreatment and, if necessary, expose any abuse
concealed by the authorities.

What follows is a journey of hope, betrayal and emotional turmoil, amid the heartache of losing a baby, difficulties bringing her other children into the world, and repeated infidelity. When Joni finally finds an opportunity to effect her plan, she becomes an independent inspector, determined to improve the care of children in council-run homes. But the deeper she delves into the machinations of officialdom, the greater the corruption she’s exposed to, her efforts at influencing change doing little more than earning her a reputation as a troublemaker.


After being discarded by social services when threatening to whistleblow, Joni overcomes deep-seated depression to take control of her life again. Determined to consign her torment to the past, an unexpected opportunity to finally compel the guilty to face charges arises, forcing a change of heart. Yet in that process, familiar obstacles present themselves, triggering a final, lengthy battle for the truth; and richly-deserved justice for those whose lives
have been severely blighted, or lost, as part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Published by Ebury later this year, The Home is available to pre-order here:

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